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Want to support emerging leaders?

Building on the learning experiences of our other programs, New Leader DeepDive helps participants reframe their understand of what it means to be an effective leader in today’s collaborative organization.

Participants explore how to broaden and build the capacity of others, engage with them, inspire them, and lead them through inspiring vision, a shared purpose, and a collaborative approach that models authenticity.

The result is a cohort of new leaders with the emotional self awareness and self management skills essential for sustaining themselves as they create, engage, and lead diverse, adaptive teams. 

Participants complete the program with their own plan for their continued intentional development towards leading others in an authentic, supportive and collaborative way that is in full alignment with their best selves.

Flattening Hierarchies demand collaborative leadership approaches


“Most people recognize that the knowledge-based, twenty-first century organization depends on cross-disciplinary collaboration, flattened hierarchies, and continuous innovation… Consequently, to excel in a complex and uncertain business environment, people need to both work and learn together. The implications of this new reality are enormous for leaders, professionals, and anyone working in an organization.” – Edmondson (2012)

As flattened hierarchies become more prevalent, people across the organization can identify and be identified as leaders. This new organizational reality calls for a more collaborative approach and a redefinition of what leadership means.

Organizations are beginning to recognize the value of adopting these progressive models. The IBM 2014 Global C-suite Study observed that 92% of respondents who lead outperforming organizations “report that their C-suite works in a collaborative and collegial way.”

The program at a glance

Week 1 – Leading a Life full of Meaning
Sharing our development model and exploring your ideas around intentionality and authenticity

Week 2 – Personal Resilience and Renewal
Exploring beliefs and approaches to leadership that are sustainable, generative and renewing

Week 3 – Building Positive Trusting Relationships
Using your emotional and social intelligence skills to support others and build relationships

Week 4 – Connecting and Engaging
Creating teams and communities around aligned values, inspiring vision and shared purpose

Week 5 – Your Action Plan
Planning for your continued development as a leader in full alignment with your authentic self