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Are you ready for improved teaming?

“Most people recognize that the knowledge-based, twenty-first century organization depends on cross-disciplinary collaboration, flattened hierarchies, and continuous innovation…

“Consequently, to excel in a complex and uncertain business environment, people need to both work and learn together.”Edmondson (2012)

Drawing on some of the latest peer-reviewed organizational research, our Collaboration DeepDive Program is your entry point for developing competencies that enable outstanding individual and team performance.

Participants gain deeper self awareness, practice intentionality, reflect on how they relate to others, and reimagine their roles as collaborators.

The result is a cohort ready to:

  • Co-create more positive team environments;
  • Participate as more effective team members; and
  • Contribute to greater organizational learning and adaptability.

The Global Trend Towards Collaboration


The IBM 2014 Global C-suite Study confirms that CEOs are continuing to focus on improving collaboration within and outside of their organizations.

56% of those surveyed were seeking organizational openness and encouraging a collaborative relationship between employees, customers and partners, up from 44% in 2013.

The program at a glance

Week 1 – Unfamiliar Territory
Reflecting on the qualities of past group learning experiences and introducing our team process

Week 2 – Re-valuing ‘Soft Skills’
Introducing the 14 core competencies that set apart outstanding from average team members

Week 3 – Collaboration and Conflict
Exploring the 12 emotional and social intelligence competencies through the lens of teamwork

Week 4 – Resilience and Resonance
Building strong positive relationships one interaction at a time, without avoiding conflict

Week 5 – Teamwork without Groupthink
Exploring the roles of diversity and transparency in team learning for innovation and adaptability