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Want to help people to become their best?

“We school our children as individuals. We hire, train, and reward employees as individuals. And, yet, we have great faith that individuals thrown together into a team… will be effective and successful.”Kozlowski (2006)

With the backing of colleagues, friends and family, participants of our Authenticity DeepDive program reflect on the unique qualities that currently define them and gain deeper insight into who they are at their best.

By envisioning an inspiring future that will engage and support them, they plan their intentional development towards achieving their goals and realizing their larger purpose.

The result is a cohort equipped with:

  • An inspiring vision of who they are at their best;
  • A much clearer understanding of their values and purpose; and
  • A unique plan for their own intentional development towards being their best selves.

Business Leaders are focused on employee training and growing talent internally


“…I want to make sure right now that we are internally building capacity. So it is very important to me, for us, to get better at identifying the right talent, growing that talent, making sure that talent stays with us, that they’re highly excited and full of zest about what we do, and that they’re modelling the behaviors we need…”
George Barrett, CEO, Cardinal Health

The conference board CEO challenge® 2013 reported that presidents and chairmen across the globe identified Human Capital as the #1 global challenge. To address this challenge, only two Human Capital strategies ranked in the top five of every sector surveyed: Grow talent internally and Provide employee training and development.

The program at a glance

Week 1 – Your Values
Discovering your most deeply held values, values that you honor daily and uphold in a crisis

Week 2 – Who are You at Your Best?
Setting aside your inner voices of self-doubt and criticism to gain a clearer sense of your best self

Week 3 – Your Approaches to Life and Work
Exploring how you currently approach life as you set intentions and ground your development

Week 4 – Your Ideal Future
Creating your aspirational vision of the future to support you through your challenges

Week 5 – Your Larger Purpose
Gaining clarity around your purpose and crystallizing a statement you can live by