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Face-to-Face Training for Teams




Ready for better team training and leadership development?

Our training programs engage, inspire, and support people to become their collaborative best.

Participants develop capabilities for cultivating positive relationships, co-creating outstanding teams, building and participating in collaborative cultures, and authentically engaging in all aspects of their lives.

Each of our training programs are delivered in your workplace as a fully integrated 30+ hour learning experience over 5 weeks.

Each week, participants spend 2 hours in face-to-face facilitated group learning sessions supported by 4+ hours of individual preparation, reflection and moderated group discussions.

Over each 5 week program, participants experience building and belonging to a team founded on mutual commitment, shared vision and meaningful purpose, and which celebrates individual diversity, integrity, transparent contribution and safe conflict.

How would improved teaming capabilities impact your organization?


We believe that when people across an organization are at their collaborative best:

  • They each experience greater meaning and engagement in their work, and increased life satisfaction;
  • The teams they belong to are more effective, creative, and integrative, delivering more value to clients, partners and end users;
  • Their organization becomes more adaptive and sustainably profitable while staying true to its vision.

Why choose our training programs?

Our training programs are delivered with a coaching approach in small facilitated groups over an extended period.

They overcome the limitations of traditional training approaches to help participants develop and make tangible improvements in the interpersonal skills and collaborative competencies essential for inspiring leadership and effective teamwork.

This is interpersonal learning and development in a highly engaging format – presented with a coaching approach, and supported and reinforced through the compelling lens of healthy teamwork fully integrated within your workplace.