Services - Leadership Coaching


Our coaching conversations may:

  • Help you in gaining clarity around your values, your preferred future, and a purpose that inspires you towards action;
  • Assist you in building on your strengths, closing your gaps, and addressing the barriers holding you back;
  • Aid you in discovering what success looks like for you, and help you plan your progress towards it;
  • Encourage you to move towards your goals and aspirations, with joy and ease, in alignment with your values.

Download our Coaching Orientation Sheet for more information.

We also offer one-on-one coaching services within organizations:


Leadership coaching is not just for executives.

Everyone has opportunities to act as leaders: on work teams, in community groups, within their circles of friends and family, and as they choose their own paths through life.

Regular coaching can help you develop the skills, mindsets, and behaviors that will enable you to intentionally bring out your best self in any situation more often.

What you can expect from our Individual Coaching Services

Our coaches will:

  • Always communicate with you openly and honestly;
  • Hold the content of your coaching conversations in confidence in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics;
  • Create a safe space for you to explore your challenges, share your beliefs and assumptions, and experiment with your responses;
  • Co-create your coaching agenda with you, including how you will monitor and measure your own progress;
  • Hold you capable of achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Our coaching process includes:

  • Orientation – we offer you a package of reflection sheets to help you approach coaching with a positive, reflective, and open mindset;
  • Initial session – in our first coaching conversation, we will explore what coaching will look like for you, your personal goals, your definition of personal success, and your expectations for how coaching will support you in moving towards your goals;
  • Regular sessions – our subsequent coaching conversations will focus on a particular issue or challenge arising for you within the context of your goals and ongoing personal reflection and development;
  • All coaching sessions will consist of a phone or video one-on-one meeting of pre-agreed duration at a pre-arranged time and date.

Measuring the impact of coaching


The International Coach Federation reports that “virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied.”

  • 70% of coaching clients surveyed reported improved work performance.
  • 80% of coaching clients surveyed reported improved self-confidence.
  • 86% of companies surveyed measured a return on investment.
  • 99% of clients surveyed were satisfied with the experience.
  • 96% of survey respondents would repeat the process.

Our coaching process will help you gain clarity around your current circumstances and intentionally measure your progress towards your goals. In addition, we also offer an interview-based 360 review process for individual clients looking for a more formal progress measurement and verification process.

Monthly Retainer Package

Our monthly retainer package gives you access to all the coaching support you need. The length and frequency of coaching sessions is an open and ongoing discussion between you and your coach. 

Our individual clients love the flexibility of shaping the coaching support they need from month to month and choosing a coach from our diverse community of coaches. 

Individual clients can also take advantage of our loyalty and referral programs. Best of all, there is no ongoing obligation: its your choice to renew and pay for our coaching services each month.