Services - Leadership Coaching


Our coaching conversations help participants:

  • Build on their strengths, close their gaps, and address the barriers holding them back;
  • Discover what success looks like for them, how it relates to organizational success, and plan their progress towards it;
  • Move towards their goals with joy and ease, in alignment with their values, vision, and purpose.

We also offer coaching for individual clients:


Leadership coaching is not just for executives. 

People throughout your organization are leading others now. Regular coaching can help participants intentionally bring out their best selves more often when challenges and leadership moments arise.

How are you currently supporting your front line managers to bring their best selves to work each day as they in turn develop, encourage and support their teams?

What you can expect from our Corporate Coaching Services

Our coaching process includes:

  • Orientation – we offer a package of reflection sheets to help each participant approach coaching with a positive, reflective, and open mindset;
  • One-on-one coaching conversations that focus on a particular issue or challenge arising for the participant, within the context of their goals and ongoing personal reflection and development;
  • All coaching sessions will consist of a phone or video meeting of pre-agreed duration at a pre-arranged time and date.

Regular reporting to the organizational sponsor may include:

  • Monthly listing of coaching session attendance (content of sessions are not shared – these are held in strict confidence with participants);
  • Participant voluntary feedback on their coaching experience.

Measuring the impact of coaching


The International Coach Federation reports that “virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied.”

We offer a range of customized instruments for corporate clients to measure the impact that coaching is having within their organizations over time, including:

  • Outstanding Performer Nomination Survey;
  • Hybrid 360 Review;
  • Significant Incident Interview.

Each of these instruments provide insights into individual performance in terms of 12 key interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies.

In addition, our analysis of results can infer the broader levels of awareness and importance placed on these competencies across the organization.

Monthly Retainer Package

Our monthly retainer packages give you the flexibility to scale our services to suit your organizational coaching needs.

The length and frequency of coaching sessions is an open and ongoing discussion between the coach and each participant. Our participants love the flexibility of shaping the coaching support they need from month to month.

Organizations can take advantage of our various volume packages to further enhance the cost effectiveness of our coaching services as they incorporate more participants into the coaching program. There is no ongoing obligation: organizations choose, renew and pay for our service packages month by month.