Engaging Deeply with Customers

“Newly empowered and enlightened customers continue to expect more of the organizations they interact with… The essential bridge between the organization and its customers is the workforce. The ability to encourage, develop, recognize and support employees will be critical in the decisive battle for customer loyalty.”IBM 2014 Global C-suite Study

If you want to engage deeply with your customers, you need to engage in a two-way dialogue with them. That means developing the capabilities of your people to collaborate with each other, with partners, and with customers.

Our training programs improve social and emotional competencies within and across team contexts, enabling participants to build durable relationships both inside and outside of your organization.

The result is a cohort of participants who better understand themselves, are proud to belong to effective teams, can identify with leadership vision and organizational purpose, and have enhanced interpersonal and self-management competencies for working together and reaching across traditional boundaries to partner with customers and suppliers.

The value of these results easily outstrips the comparative costs of our training offering.

Global Survey Indicates a Trend Towards Organizational Openness


The IBM 2014 Global C-suite Study reported a sharp increase in the number of CEOs seeking organizational openness and encouraging a collaborative relationship between employees, customers and partners (56%, up from 44% in the previous year).


The results also indicated an equally sharp decline in the number of organizations seeking to maintain tight operational control (25%, down from 33% in the previous year).

 Embracing a Culture of Openness?

As more organizations embrace a culture of openness, the development of collaborative capabilities becomes paramount. “The starting point for social capabilities is increasing the visibility of expertise and by providing individuals with the opportunity to locate and connect with others who have needed skills… Social capabilities must be embedded into the way work is accomplished for individuals. A culture of openness and recognition must permeate the organization’s unwritten rules and norms” – IBM 2014 Global C-suite Study