Corporate Coaching Services

* – Contact us for pricing in your local currency.

Monthly Retainer Packages

Global volume pricing for organizations for as little as US$350 / participant / month plus any applicable taxes.*

30 to 60 minute 1-on-1 phone / video sessions for each participant.

Multiple sessions scheduled as required each month to meet each participant’s coaching support needs.

Volume flexibilitity – organizations select their volume pricing package by number of participants each month.

No ongoing obligation – organizations choose whether to renew each month.

Volume Pricing

All prices in USD, excluding any applicable taxes. Contact us for pricing in your local currency.


Basic package
US$475 / month / participant


US$12,000 / month
for maximum 30 participants
US$400 / month / additional participant


US$4,500 / month
for maximum 10 participants
US$450 / month / additional participant


US$15,000 / month
for maximum 40 participants
US$375 / month / additional participant


US$8,500 / month
for maximum 20 participants
US$425 / month / additional participant


US$17,500 / month
for maximum 50 participants
US$350 / month / additional participant

Included Features

Resource Sheets Self-reflection guides for participants interested in building a deeper understanding of their best selves, their values, a larger purpose that inspires them, and their aspirations for the future.

Engagement Reporting Monthly listing of session attendance, reported to organizational sponsor. Session content is held in confidence between each coach and participant and is not disclosed.

Thematic Analysis On request, with the prior acknowledgement of participants, listing of common themes emerging from coaching sessions, reported to organizational sponsor. Themes compromising any individual’s anonymity or confidentiality will not be reported.

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