Our clients recognize the value our coaching and training services deliver.
We are honored by their feedback and are delighted to share it on this page.

Ana V.

Transportation Planning Engineer

James’s coaching style is enlightening, strengthening and trustworthy. He has helped me gain insight into managing relationships and provided useful new skills I have been able to integrate into my day-to-day life. I walk away from coaching sessions with a fresh perspective on how to approach challenges and a clear plan of attack.

Charlie B.

Sustainability and Management Systems Specialist

James has a deep understanding of the factors affecting human performance in the workplace, and is an excellent listener and problem-solver!

Chris P.

Construction Engineer

James has a great ability to empathize, analyze and strategize.  He is a great sounding board for ideas, and really helped me focus on my strengths and assess the career options set before me.

Dan H.

Technical Advisor

James has been coaching me through a particularly difficult set of career circumstances. His positive attitude, flexibility, candor and genuine interest in seeing me succeed are only some of the things that make James a great coach.

Helen C.


James was an insightful coach. He created a relaxing environment that allowed me to talk through difficult topics. He challenged me to look at things with different perspectives. There are a number of things I learned working with James that will continue to support me through my career.

Jessica N.

Securities Associate

James offered wonderful insight and a different perspective into approaching issues in the workplace. He helped me manage working with a difficult coworker, and gave me the tools and mindset to comfortably approach my superiors with this problem. He taught me a new approach and perspective which I will continue to use in my career.

Linda W.

Project Manager

Working with James has helped me understand and articulate my values better than ever before. I have gained profound clarity in decision-making, and take comfort in knowing that my decisions are true to who I am and what is most important to me.

Mark P.


James has helped me to clarify an approach to some tough decisions through his coaching. His honest, straightforward manner allowed me to speak freely, gain conviction and clarity and become a better leader.

Patrick S.

Project Manager

James allowed me to talk through challenges and strategize on new ways to overcome them that fit my style and personality. Not only has be helped me to improve the way I do my job, but he has also helped me to find and develop new perspectives for a more enjoyable work experience.