A Different Approach to Training and Development

Participants can measurably improve key emotional and social competencies essential for inspiring leadership and effective teamwork.

We also offer a range of measurement tools to help you verify the impacts that our coaching and training services are having within your organization in terms of these key competencies.

“We school our children as individuals. We hire, train, and reward employees as individuals. And, yet, we have great faith that individuals thrown together into a team with little thought devoted to team composition, training and development, and leadership will be effective and successful.” – Kozlowski (2006)

Fourteen core competencies lift “outstanding leaders, managers, advanced professionals and people in key jobs” above average performers. Twelve of these are emotional and social intelligence competencies – Boyatzis (2009)

Unfortunately, traditional learning and training methods don’t deliver sustained improvements in these ‘soft skills’. Short duration offsite training doesn’t provide the social and cultural contexts necessary for individuals to effectively develop and integrate new interpersonal skills within the workplace.

To develop emotional abilities, an integrated learning approach “may be far more effective than stand-alone training programs.” – Clark (2006)

Our coaching process and onsite team training programs are designed to take full advantage of these insights.