Do you know who your ‘High-Potentials’ are?

Our training programs help your high-potentials self-identify for future leadership positions by first building the collaborative skills and demonstrating the interpersonal competencies that distinguish exceptional from acceptable team members and leaders.

For around the price of sending one high potential to an EMBA or equivalent executive education program, we can come to your site for five weeks and help 40 of your team members become their collaborative best.

You’ll have better team outcomes and a better idea of who really are your ‘high potentials’.

Individual Coaching Services

Build a deeper understanding of your best self, your values, your strengths and your gaps as you follow a purpose that inspires you and work towards your preferred future. All the coaching support you need for as little as US$400 / month plus any applicable taxes (other currency options available).


Corporate Coaching Services

Help team members and leaders throughout your organization bring out their best selves for as little as US$350 / participant / month plus any applicable taxes. Multiple 1-on-1 phone / video sessions as required each month to meet each participant’s coaching support needs.


Measuring the Impact of our Coaching Services and Training Programs

We offer a range of customized tools for measuring the impact that our coaching and training programs are having within your organization. Use our measurement services to optimize your learning and development campaigns.