Unselfish Series

How to be a Better You in
these Self-Obsessed Times.

Book One: An Unselfish Perspective

Ready to challenge your assumptions about individuality? This book explores how your roles, relationships, conversations, decisions, and actions are all intimately connected.

An Unselfish Perspective will inspire you to rethink what a better you looks like and reimagine how to build that better you.

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Book Two: Authentic Values

Authentic Values maps the ways we think about, explain, judge, and frame the world. It locates on these maps the kind of goals we pursue and the values we hold.

You can use these maps to discuss your goals and values with close others, and explore together the ways you approach life.

Book Three: Authentic Action

Building on your insights and conversations provoked by Books One and Two, Authentic Action provides resources to turn your personal learning into new practices.

As you clarify your values, align your goals, and plan your course corrections, you will begin to realize that better you.