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We Help People Become their Collaborative Best

Our leadership coaching and team training programs support people who want to be genuinely proud of their contributions to their work teams, their organizations, their families and their communities.


We help people contribute to collaborative environments, co-create outstanding teams, and authentically engage in all aspects of their lives.


We help people realize their full potential, enhance their quality of life, and intentionally bring out their best selves in more situations.

Can anyone be truly successful in isolation?

“Teams of people working together for a common purpose have been a centrepiece of human social organization ever since our ancient ancestors first banded together to hunt game, raise families, and defend their communities…”  Kozlowski (2006)

Our leadership coaching and team training programs equip people with the emotional and social intelligence capabilities essential for personal, team and organizational success.

This program is your entry point for developing the social and emotional competencies essential for sustaining outstanding individual and team performance.

With the backing of peers, participants gain deeper insight into who they are at their best and plan their continued intentional development of essential self-management skills.

Participants explore how to broaden and build the capacity of others, engage with them, and inspire them towards a positive collaborative approach to work and life.

Through an open and supportive one-on-one dialogue, leadership coaching helps people to continue their intentional development towards being their best selves more often.

Traditional training doesn’t deliver the results you want

Fourteen core competencies lift “outstanding leaders, managers, advanced professionals and people in key jobs” above average performers. Twelve of these are emotional and social intelligence competencies – Boyatzis (2009)

Traditional training methods don’t deliver sustained improvements in these ‘soft skills’, skills that are essential for your future success.

Our coaching process and onsite team training programs are designed to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches to developing these key interpersonal skills and collaborative competencies.

Manager, Vancouver, Canada.

“James has helped me to clarify an approach to some tough decisions through his coaching. His honest, straightforward manner allowed me to speak freely, gain conviction and clarity and become a better leader.”

Mark P.

Project Manager, Vancouver, Canada.

“Working with James has helped me understand and articulate my values better than ever before. I have gained profound clarity in decision-making, and take comfort in knowing that my decisions are true to who I am and what is most important to me.”

Linda W.

Project Manager, Vancouver, Canada.

“James allowed me to talk through challenges and strategize on new ways to overcome them that fit my style and personality. Not only has be helped me to improve the way I do my job, but he has also helped me to find and develop new perspectives for a more enjoyable work experience.”

Patrick S.

Construction Engineer, Vancouver, Canada.

“James has a great ability to empathize, analyze and strategize.  He is a great sounding board for ideas, and really helped me focus on my strengths and assess the career options set before me.”

Chris P.

Professional Engineer, Kelowna, Canada.

“James has been coaching me through a particularly difficult set of career circumstances. His positive attitude, flexibility, candor and genuine interest in seeing me succeed are only some of the things that make James a great coach.”

Dan H.